We offered "guided tour" to our visitors and guests to tell them more about the Golden RIce project(s). By walking with our guests on this graphic territory we became more or less actors ourselves, and soon we began to accept our role as performers and storytellers. We were not so much interested in the question of whether our guests supported the "real" project or if they learned something about gene technology or not. We were interested in the question of whether or not we would be successful in entering into a commitment with our guests, to create a mutual understanding of the world surrounding us. Step by step, the map became our "storyboard," a process that for us is precisely reflected in John Law´s discussion of performing actor-network theory:

"…we are no longer trying to find good ways of narrating and describing something that is already there. Instead, or in addition, we are in the business of ontology. We are in the business of making our objects of study, of making realities that we describe. Of trying to find good ways of interacting with our objects, ways that are sustainable ways that make it possible to link with them"

(Law, J., 1997)

2002 Good Morning Rice

In collaboration with the "Collegium Helveticum" of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and the Foundation "Science et Cité" the socio-technical graph, the map (see also "projects 2000 – 2003"), was transferred to the Swiss National Museum in Zurich that at that time was testing whether it should popularize Science, or, host scientific issues that cause hot controversies in the public arena.

Our project, for them, was an opportunity to test the second case.

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