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Bernd Kraeftner grew up at the Lake Constance; Austria. He studied medicine and worked as filmmaker and author; he founded XPERIMENT! in 1998, since then he explores the messy interfaces between science and society. As principal investigator he coordinated various transdisciplinary research projects. He lectures at the University of Applied Arts, Dept.'s of Digital Arts and Science & Art, Vienna.

Judith Kroell was born in the South of Austria, she studied sociology of science and social anthroplogy; she is member of XPERIMENT! since 1999. She is co-founder and coordinator of the Association "Researchers without Border". She is lecturer at the Dept. of Social Studies of Science, University of Vienna.

Leo Peschta, born in Vienna; he studied media arts and digital arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna; he works as media artist and programmer;  see: www.leo.ok.ag,

Gerhard Ramsebner, was born in the Alps; studied philosophy and mathematics, media and digital arts; he lectures at the  University of Applied Arts, Dept. of Conservation; works as programmer and photographer

Isabel Warner, has British-German roots and studied fine arts in Stuttgart, Vienna and Berlin; she realized several exhibitions with paintings and installations that experimented with materiality and physical vulnerability. She worked as an interior and film set designer. Since ten years she is interested in scientific imagery and visualization and how it affects her artistic work. She is part of XPRIMENT! since 1999.



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