The ethnographic research tried to find out what the genetically modified strain called „Golden Rice“ actually  is - or better - at that time was. It was one of the first projects where plant science and molecular biology teamed up  to fight a serious public health problem in many developing countries. A hot issue at that time in many Western countries.

We constructed a 250 m2 socio-technical graph that we used as a a data assemblage to point at – like scientists when they refer to their visualized data. We ourselves acted as storytellers of the story we had become involved in when we were conducting our research. Together with „the public“ we tried to perform shared incompetence. In addition, the socio-technical graph, (the inscription, the map, the storyboard) served as interim report for our sponsors.

The project was funded within the Cultural Studies Program of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science


14 January 2000

20002003 Good Bye Tomato - Good Morning Rice

The project started with the research question how to describe a scientific project in the public realm beyond propaganda or denunciation.

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