The work shows the application of a neuro-psychological assessment protocol, where the patient and the assessor are part of the test setting. It is about the act of measuring/assessing the human form after the catastrophe of form (Fuchs, P. 2007). It is about the assessment of awareness and consciousness in a patient in a vegetative state. Consciousness (mind) is a leitmotif in the representation of man. But how to measure this „non-entity“ (James, W. 1904). Should it be measured at all? Tell me what and how you measure and I tell you who you are.


I am performing the circular predicament of double contingency – or:

„What counts, after all, is man alone“

We all are familiar with the homo – mensura doctrine that man is the measure of all things. What does the term man actually mean as opposed to humans or a human being? With regard to one human being, phrases like „man is ...“ remain entirely vacuous. Nevertheless, the life of a human being can be affected decisively by the conception of man: prenatal life, severe disabilities or living in a vegetative state are examples of life at the edge of the „human nature“. How to measure or assess what counts as human? And why?

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