We slipped into the role of researchers ("the stygma syblings") that gave various tasks to their test persons. Although it was clear that we were performing "a kind of art project" it confirmed the finding of many experiments in social psychology etc that it is very easy to talk in the name of "science and research" and make people do things they otherwise would never do.

However, this was merely an almost embarrassing (embarrassing because its so easy) side effect of the project: for us, it was important to experiment with a methodological approach that should relate the "test persons" to their present futures via the politics of prevention.

The project was sponsored by the Humboldt University Berlin, Institute for European Ethnology.


Straight from the heart –Prevention indices and divinations of researchers

In this project, together with Michael Guggenheim, we  developed a "ethnographic laboratory" to collect data from anthropologists and doctors concerning their ideas on prevention.

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