The exhibition dealt with issues like how people relate to and involve with food, drugs; severely disabled persons; life on mars, their ecological environments; energy resources.

The exhibition included the "Office for Scientific Flotsam and Jetsam" a module where academic refugees exhibited and discussed their asylum seeker careers. With them, we founded Researchers Without Borders  (ForscherInnen ohne Grenzen), a still ongoing project that addresses the situation of immigrant researchers. 

A closer look on two modules:

  1. 1.There was a module/installation called "Who with Whom. Inheritance in Action". It was realized by M. Guggenheim and a member of Shared Inc. (B. Kraeftner; collaboration as stygma brothers.) -->

  2. 2.In collaboration with students of the University of Applied Arts and the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna we developed a module about "Gene doping." The visitors could bet on genetically modified mice. -->


Die wahr/falsch Inc.

Together with M. Guggenheim and A. Martos we developed the concept for "die wahr/falsch inc." (see also: the true/false inc.).

This science exhibition came in eleven separate exhibition-modules. Each of them was located in a neighborhood of the city of Vienna. It asked how science works and how it influences our daily life. It did so by displaying artistic installations, performances, art works, discussions, newspapers.

Shared Inc. operated by xperiment!