The attempt to answer this question still concerns us and it has led us deeper and deeper into a syndrome and its fuzzy definitions, socioeconomic conditions, political issues and ethical implications. As artist researchers we are more and more interested whether and under which circumstances it may be possible to actively participate and collaborate in fabricating „the“ syndrome.

Is it possible, within the clinical setting and by doing artistic field research, to avoid the (disciplinary)  trajectories of reflexive and prefabricated reactions that dichotomize the world into medical research and nursing science, or, into social sciences/humanities and science, into the scientific expert and the scientific illiterate, or into scientific and artistic methods? How to take care of a syndrome?

The project was funded within the Transdisciplinary Research Program of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science (TRAFO)

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2004 – 2007 Topographies of the possible. What is a person / a body?

The project started with the research question how to establish„informed consent“ in  the care of comatose persons (persons in vegetative state).

Informed consent?