The project was an ethnographic laboratory study that resulted in a documentary – or was it a science fiction feature? – on the topic of "Life" and "Artificial Life". Eight young adults, aged between 16 and 19 and a small film crew met during 4 months, twice a week under special conditions to fulfill a confidential mission: the young people should terraform a remote planet by means of "manufacturing life or living organisms." All the participants were scientific lay persons. The audio-visual result shows the risky attempt to use an external approach to construct a controversial picture of science in the making. It also shows that collective fuzzy knowledge navigations can lead to quite insightful reasoning.

The project was funded within the Cultural Studies Program of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and the State Government of Vorarlberg, Science Dept.

1998 – 2000 LIFE ITSELF

Report from an Artificial Life Project

The project LIFE ITSELF explored the question whether science related topics can be displayed in the audio-visual media in a way that gives the audience a more realistic perspective on "science in action"

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